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Joomla Free Red Brown White Template

Joomla Free Red Brown White Template

Joomla Free Red Brown White Template, 3 column, Modul position : Content 1, content 2, content 3, content 4, content 5, top menu, raw, cpanel, tpanel, header, header 1, user 1, user 2, user 3, user 4, user 5, user 6, slide 1, slide 2, slide 3, slide 4, slide 5, gallery, advert, advert 1, advert 2, advert 3, advert 4, footer, footer 1 and debug, Menu text customizable, 3 menu style : Suckerfish, mootools - fade and mootols - scroll, 8 page tools : Show all, show the color, show page size, show font size, show the color and size of the page, show the color anf font size, show -
the page size and font size and hide all, 5 page color style : Red, blue, green, grey and multi-Colors, 3 page size : 1280 px, 1152 px and 1024 px, 3 font size : 9 px, 11 px and 13 px, Switch button on Frontend for change page color.

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